It all began with a barren land. The land history of Mangala Resort & Spa revolves around its original use for tin mining activities from the 1930s till the date 1970s, then for sand mining activities from the late 1970s till the 2000s which had its produce largely supplied to the Kuantan Port. It has since been left completely barren with hundreds of unsightly gullies, ponds, and small lakes to occupy the areas. Almost 80% of the land was also covered in clay with no topsoil, little sand and hardly any vegetation.

Mangala Resort & Spa is the result of an inspiring 15-year journey of rejuvenation, which transformed an abandoned barren mining land, believed to be fallow, into a paradise. Today, the beautiful villas are nestled within a large expanse of palm plantation, exotic flower and herb gardens, fruit trees, rehabilitated lakes and undisturbed wetlands. This luxurious, tropical retreat was consciously designed to enhance each guests experience with nature, thereby fostering a gentle and mindful relationship between guests and nature.

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